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Jack Arute

Pit Reporter

Jack Arute Hosting Reel

Since 1984 Jack Arute has been one of the preeminent pit and sideline for auto racing and
college football. For 25 years as a part of ABC Sports and its signature Wide World of Sports,
Jack covered all of the major auto racing and college football events for the network.

Jack made his debut on "ABC's Wide World of Sports'" live telecast of the National Championship
Sprint Car Racing in April 1984. He also has covered the U.S. Grand Prix Motocross Championships
for "Wide World" and the network's same-day coverage of the Grand Prix of Monaco. During those
25 years, he was a fixture of ABC Sports' Indianapolis 500 broadcast team as a pit reporter.

Jack has also served as a reporter for ABC Sports' coverage of cycling, tennis and soccer during
the Pan American Games, and for Super Bowl pre-game coverage and the Tournament of Roses
Parade. He has also hosted the Luge World Championships from Altenburg, Germany, for "Wide
World." Jack also spent extensive time covering a variety of events for ESPN, including hosting
IndyRacing2Day and the Summer and Winter X Games.

Jack was also a pit reporter and race host for Versus coverage of the IRL where he covered
every major race on the IRL circuit.

Currently, Arute serves as a host on Sirius Satellite Radio’s college football, NFL, and auto racing
programs. He also authored the book Tales from the Indy 500.

Arute is a two-time recipient of the American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association
Award for Television. He has been similarly cited for his TV work by the National Motorsports
Press Association, and received their Broadcaster of the Year Award in 1988.

Jack resides in Massachusetts.

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